Moving Forward

The Breathing Wheel, Click to look insideThere are lots of exciting plans for ‘The Breathing Wheel’. Anthony and the team at Magic Oxygen Publishing are throwing all sorts of goodies into the pot for 2014.

The book is available to order now on Amazon and you can get a sneak preview of the finished product!

As well as making two appearances this coming week in his local area to promote the book, Anthony is busy writing and preparing for a live show of ‘The Breathing Wheel’ next year. He is putting together a team of musicians and artists to create a theatrical performance of the fantasy tale. More details will follow soon.

There are also plans for promotional material to take the story and music to a wider audience.

There will be events details published on this site soon, so check back for details.
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The Big Button

JacobThe big button has been pressed and this little story is off to the printers as we type.

The story of Jacob (pictured) and Martha is about to be told to the world and author Anthony Ravenwood is delighted; he writes..

‘The story of Aden-Long has been with me for many years. I have felt the characters grow through each revision, and their ordeal is ready to be enjoyed by readers worldwide. All the characters are dear to me, but one especially at the moment as I remember our dear collie dog ‘Aura’ who the character ‘Meg’ is based on in the story. Aura left us in March this year, but I feel her spirit is firmly planted in ‘Meg’ and is a fitting tribute to a very special dog.’

We will be issuing information very soon about the launch and special events and appearances.

Stay tuned!

Big Announcement

The Breathing Wheel coverOn Monday November 25th 2013 – the ever-so-long awaited children’s fantasy book ‘The Breathing Wheel’ will be released in paperback to the world!

At just £6.99 – copies will be available through the website, and Ant will begin appearing in libraries around his local county – Northamptonshire promoting the publication.

Keep checking the website, Twitter and Facebook for news on signing events and appearances.

The Breathing Wheel will soon be HERE!!

Not long now……

Things are hotting up in the world of the Breathing Wheel!

Our friends at Magic Oxygen Publishing are beavering away on the prototype book at the moment and soon we will have our first glimpse of the finished article.

November 2013 will also see author Anthony Ravenwood visit a group of local home educated children for his first outing about the story and music. Also coming up this month will be the first meeting with musicians Ant has put together to discuss the live show of the Breathing Wheel concept album currently in production.



Moving forward

Here’s the latest in the world of the Breathing Wheel….

Ant has been working hard on promotion and has the go-ahead for events in a number of local libraries to promote both the book and the music. Also a well-known High Street book store has agreed to hold a promotion event when the book is published. Some promotional material is being created for the events too.

We are continuing to network for media coverage on the publication. Local newspapers and magazines have been contacted.

On the music front, we are searching for the right venue and continuing work on the tracks. Ant is also putting artwork together for the CD package.

We have been fortunate to have worked with gifted illustrator Steve Bayliss on the cover artwork and internal illustrations for the book. Steve has just completed the last piece for the publication, and we are thrilled with the results.  He has really brought the story to life.

We are now on Twitter

Lots going on, and more to come!

Live Performance

As well as things progressing well with the actual publication of ‘The Breathing Wheel’ We now have a new website and blog – and we are working hard on the concept album.

We have established a fine group of musicians to take on the task of learning the entire music of ‘The Breathing Wheel’, and plans are being made for a unique live performance in Northamptonshire in 2014 (date tbc)

We are putting out initial ‘feelers’ to gain interest in the performance which will take the audience back in time to 1902 where they will meet some of the characters from the story.

The concert will be suitable for everyone from age 10 upwards.

There will be some merchandise including copies of ‘The Breathing Wheel’ available on the evening which can be signed by the author there & then!

The Concept Album Live

You are invited to come along to this magical musical evening – Please add your comment below if you’re interested, and please ‘SHARE’ to your friends.


Story and Music News

Things have been busy in the Breathing Wheel camp!

We have been establishing more new contacts and approaching local organizations to do some promotion sessions for the story. There has been some encouraging feedback along the way which is great.

The book is progressing well and the final illustrations are being created at the moment.

We have our first confirmed booking with some home educated children in November which is exciting, and we will be included in next years events programme at a local watermill which will involve sessions with local schoolchildren.

On the music side, Ant has been recording for the album and he is working with fellow song writer on more material. Alongside this, we are putting together a band to perform the entire concept album live. Rehearsals are planned for early 2014 and the show will be later in the year. Details coming soon.

The Concept Album Live
The Concept Album Live

Welcome to the new Breathing Wheel blog

Hi everyone,

Welcome to our new blog! As we move into Autumn, things are hotting up in the BW camp.

Our friends at Magic Oxygen Publishing are beavering away getting things all in place for the publication of the story. A big thank you to them for setting up the new website and blog X

Ant has been busy working on promotion for the book and is beginning to secure bookings for workshops with local children, signings, and other promotion sessions including some dates (tbc) at a local watermill in 2014.

Work is also continuing on the music for the concept album. A new instrumental track has been recorded and recording will soon begin on new version of ‘Losing Leola’ with song writing partner Andy Johnson.

Artist Steve Bayliss is working on the final illustrations for the book, and is doing a marvellous job creating the images with only simple sketches by Ant and some character description to work with.

Ant is also collaborating with local musicians to create an evening of musical theatre – the story of The Breathing Wheel performed live to an audience, with costumes, imagery and other visual effects. The project is planned for 2014 – more news coming soon!

BBC Interviews Ant Ravenwood

Ant RavenwoodWe are delighted to inform you that Anthony Ravenwood, is whooping up a stir with pre-publication publicity for his exciting new book.

He was in the studio at BBC Radio Northampton on Wednesday 24th August 2013 chatting to John Griff about his début title ‘The Breathing Wheel‘ and explaining how the book came to be.

If you missed the interview, don’t worry, You can listen to it right here.

Ant Ravenwood on BBC Radio Northampton