The Story

watermillThe Breathing Wheel – A children’s fantasy story & concept album.

This is a tale that spans over 300 years. In 1602 an eccentric old man named Gronwolfe built a flour-mill in the sleepy Welsh valley of Aden-Long. For Centuries the mill provided work & industry to the area. However, during his time at the mill, Gronwolfe lost his mind and mill workers began to ‘disappear’. The old man cursed the mill and the valley to destroy itself in 300 years time.

Now, it’s 1902, the mill ownership has been passed to the Isaf family. Before long, strange happenings begin to occur, the waterwheel becomes possessed with Gronwolfe’s curse and the mill workers that ‘disappeared’ under Gronwolfe’s employment begin to re-appear in strange bodies causing havoc. One of the cursed emerges as an old hag & her spell is broken by a young man working at the mill, the hag turns out to be a young girl of 16 who worked at the mill in 1602. She agrees to help the Isaf family to stop the curse.

The pressure’s on to save everyone before the curse takes hold & destroys everything, but it’s not easy! The quest opens up a whole new world that the Isaf family never knew existed and it takes a ‘miracle’ to turn things round.


The idea for this project came from a holiday in the summer of 1987. One morning the family visited an old watermill near the resort of Llandudno in North Wales. During our visit I became encapsulated in the atmosphere of the place and its historic energy, the mill slept silently before us but yet there was a sense of being watched as though it knew we were there. It was this thought that came home with me & back in my room I began to write.

It was a kind of ritual that each time we went to North Wales one of the albums I listened to was ‘The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway’ by Genesis. This is a concept album; the story written by Peter Gabriel and put to music by the band. This idea influenced me greatly & the story of Aden-Long watermill was born.

I hope Jacob, Martha and the others fire your imagination like they have mine. Most of these characters have been with me since that first year when I discovered the mill, they are like family I would like to think they can be part of your family too.

Anthony Ravenwood